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Sectional is a collaborative installation toying with the mistrust of reality. Boston & Providence artists exploit the gray area between privacy and safety through an immersive living room experience. Renee Silva, Chloe DuBois, Keaton Fox, and Casey Mcnulty collaborate as Growth Spurt. Together they seek to push viewers in and out of comfort and confusion through interactive new media, art objects, furniture, clothing and video.

Growth Spurt is a collective of New England artists producing collaborative projects using sculpture, video, painting, and new media. In a world of options, how do you get good at everything? If everyone in the world came together to share their skill sets, what could be accomplished? The collective seeks to create an accessible space where specialization and multi-disciplinary skill sets can come together to be shared, tested, exhibited, and explored. Artists in the collective are combining their diverse skills to explore the relationship between anxiety and comfort surrounding commercial consumerism, memory, and communication. Sectional is Grown Spurt’s inaugural exhibition as a group, this coming-together of ideas and practice will be the first of many more visual art and installation experiences to come.

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