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FeverDreamScapes is a collaborative series experimenting with painting and video to create an uncanny effect. 


Through the integration of old and new media, video artist Keaton Fox and painter Renee Silva come together to generate surreal landscapes of static and moving images that visualize the often paradoxical ecologies of the present. 


Silva’s abstract environments of rooms, foliage, and symbols are animated into Fox’s video collages of limbs, animals, and loss. Contemplative oil paintings reveal new narratives as they dissolve into pixels of chaos and connection. These unusual simulations meld contemporary and traditional mediums together to introduce a unique visual language that continually alludes to a universal but undefined feeling of recurring dissonance.


Forever invested in making the invisible visible, Fox and Silva are particularly stimulated by the visceral tensions that accompany politics surrounding subjects that can be difficult to visualize; with climate change, disability, and queerness being themes that routinely guide their joint practice.

Video Stills
Install shot from Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach 2022
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