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Rose Ceremony  took place in June 2017, at Casablanc in Roxbury MA and featured the works of emerging artists May Singleton-Kahn, Isabelle Higgins and Renée Silva.


A formal night of art and glamour in benefit of planned parenthood, ideas of commercialized love, the obscenity of romance and its accompanying iconography were obsessed over and assessed in this space.


Making trope of the national television phenomenon The Bachelor, we wished to fetishize the grandeur of cheapened affection. We are drawn to the humorous and grotesque aspects of performative love. We explored our attraction and revulsion to ideal versions of beauty and love within the framework of cisgendered heterosexuality, monogamy, competition and self-image. 


On this night the Casablanc gallery was filled with our cheap tokens of former loves, snipets of sexual encounters, declarations of pride, shame, loneliness, and the somewhat nauseating obsession our culture continues to celebrate in our quest for companionship.  

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