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Collaborations & Events
Grades 9-12  I  2021-2022

Cyanotype Addison Workshop, Earth Week, 2022

In collaboration with the Addison and Philip's Academy’s Sustainability Coalition, this workshop explored landscape and climate change during Andover's Earth Week. After a visit to the Addison and a presentation by PASC,  we created cyanotypes, or sun prints using natural materials to explore place and change.
Art 505 Zine Reception, Addison Learning Center, October 2022

In collaboration with the Addison, students from Advanced Drawing and Painting have the opportunity to exhibit the publication of their independent research projects for the day in the Addison Learning Center. The work is published as zines, or small magazines, and are on view for the campus community to come look at for an afternoon as well as have refreshments.
Movement in Art, Collaboration with Dance and Art, December 2021

Students in Drawing 304 and Intro to Dance combined in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break to explore using the body in art. After practicing tai chi and learning about the Gutai Group in post-war Japan, the two classes collaborated on a large canvas tasked with the challenge to use their bodies and newly learned movements to create art.
Love, Art & Poetry, Collaboration with Art & English, February 2022

Students in Art 225 and English 200 combined forces and were grouped 1 writer per 2 artists. The writers brought in a sample of their poetry and together the group created visual representations of the texts. The teams took inspiration from text and image artists as well as writings on love, liberation, and justice. The groups wrapped  up the project with experimental artist statements.
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